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It gets converted into other hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, melatonin, etc., as per the requirement (if levels of these other hormones are found low) of the body. There is no evidence the testosterone can cause prostate chance, as a matter of fact, new studies show that low T levels are the real culprit for PC. Please reconsider your stament so that people are not miss informed about the overall good health caused by proper levels of T. While some men are advised by medical experts to take supplements of testosterone due to low levels in their body, some take it to improve bone strength and body building.

The final effect of testosterone boosters, be it synthetic (creatine supplements and steroids) or natural options (herbs and herbal supplements, testosterone boosting food, etc.) is the same - they make the testes and adrenals healthier and stimulate them to produce more testosterone. Those that may choose on their own to take Testosterone Supplements are usually bodybuilders and athletes that want to increase muscle mass and stamina during their workouts and exercises. Herbal testosterone supplements are best recommended for boosting testosterone levels for healthy and quality sex life, as its side effects is usually minimal.

Typically, when a bodybuilder is using testosterone supplements, without even knowing if he has a low testosterone level, it is because he has been misinformed concerning the benefits - or lack of benefits - of an increased hormone level. Rather than using supplements or HRT, you may be able to raise your testosterone levels naturally by eating foods high in protein, low in fat, and by exercising regularly. Such supplements are a potent blend of herbs, amino acids and other nutrients that can make your body increase its production of testosterone.

Many athletes and bodybuilders use testosterone supplements to increase muscle strength by encouraging new muscle growth. The best testosterone supplements are those which are 100% natural and completely free from synthetic compounds, that will raise one's blood testosterone levels without side effects. Medical research results claim that the low testosterone levels can be increased by consuming the best safest testosterone booster testosterone supplements.

This was confirmed in a relatively recent study published in the journal of Hormone and Metabolic Research , where it was found that men taking a little over 3000 international units (IU) of vitamin D for one year saw a statistically significant increase in both free and total testosterone. In fact, a study published in the journal of Biological Trace Element Research found that 4 weeks of supplementation with 10 mg magnesium per kg of body weight increased both free and total testosterone in sedentary subjects as well as in athletes. Although DAA supplementation has been found to sometimes result in a small increase in testosterone levels in healthy males, this increase seems to only last for about one week before it drops back down to baseline levels.